Smart Retail


Increased intelligence and safety of your retail through AI, IoT and Connectivity.


Increase efficiency and responsiveness – even detect security threats in real-time and thwart security threats before they happen. Get evidence stored automatically for any security incident.


Gain real-time insights in your healthcare facilities and create smart environments. Learn how your data can create sustainable change through data-driven decision making.


Expand the digital world to your local government, citizens, and businesses with 4G and prepare for 5G and beyond.

Our Solution

AI and IoT based analytics can change the way traditional businesses operate today by providing valuable insight to make key data-driven decisions. IntelliSite’s comprehensive suite of AI and IoT enabled solutions makes it possible to analyze large volumes of CCTV camera streams – combined with other IoT sensor data in real-time – to provide retailers with a competitive advantage.

IoT for Asset Management

Smart Retail - Inside
Smart Retail - Outside

How it Works

How it Works

Sensors & Cameras
Connect existing cameras or new cameras to our edge compute device to automatically analyze video and IoT data. We provide a 200-plus IoT sensor catalog for you to monitor the health and safety of your environments.

Our solutions include 4G LTE / 5G connectivity to connect all devices into a single platform - plus easily manage, monitor and scale all AIoT solutions.

Deep learning-based AI and IoT data is being processed at the edge in a single end-to-end platform.

IoT and AI Analytics
Connect your existing or new cameras to our edge compute device to start gathering highly accurate AI video analytics for real-time alerts and insights.

Uses AI and analytical tools to predict outcomes and trends. The platform allows you to create and change the rules to set up alerts and notifications. It is also, compatible with 3rd party AI and sensors for best-of-breed solutions

Customer-facing platform to provide the end user with real-time alerts, video monitoring and data visualization. The platform is fully containerized to allow for deployment at the edge, on-premise or in the cloud.




Make intelligent, data-driven decisions by collecting and analyzing it in real-time, while the data is still useful and relevant.

End-to-end solution

Everything you need from cameras, IoT sensors, and edge, cloud or MEC compute to the dashboards and reports you will use every day.


Combine 4G/5G connectivity with IoT sensors and cutting-edge AI to predict, notify and constantly learn.

Predictable costs

Recurring monthly plans to help communities and businesses achieve their goals of being Safer and Smarter.