System Health Monitoring

System Health

Real-time automated health checks of all cameras, IoT sensors, UIGs, appliances, and other major components throughout your IntelliSite solution.

Remote Support

24 hours, 7 days a week monitoring of any hardware alerts with real-time response and ticket event creation for resolution.

Advanced Replacement

Automatically get components that are inoperable replaced within a few business days.

How it


IntelliCare service involves both hardware and software components. The hardware appliance, which is IntelliSite’s edge compute (UIG) device, concentrates all the edge sensor IoT or camera health information, such as: online/offline status, last activity, CPU/GPU usage, memory, storage, voltage, AC current, temperature, and more. If there is an anomaly in the expected data, the UIG will automatically trigger alerts to IntelliSite’s 24/7 Network Operations Center (NOC). The NOC will intercept the alerts in real-time and create support tickets associated with the matter for escalation.

The NOC has remote access to the compute units through 4G independent networks for any remote fixes, software updates, or maintenance required for the edge and on-prem deployments. Our clients may access the health monitoring dashboards that can be visualized through the DeepInsights platform.