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24/7 Event Monitoring

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Voice-Down Alert

Activation of the “voice-down” loudspeaker with automated messages or live interaction with a NOC agent


Contact Enforcement

If the security issue has not been resolved, escalation to local law enforcement authority

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Remote monitoring

Of the event through the NOC and report on event resolution

Incident Reporting + Video Evidence

On-demand, daily, weekly, monthly incident report with

How it


Security Protocol Activation

When a situation or event is identified through AI video analytics or an IoT sensor, an agent then follows the account protocols agreed upon with the customer (i.e. “voice-down” activation through loudspeaker, call local security or police, send email with the incident report (including video clips, if available, etc.).

Events Reporting

All events are documented, recorded, and distributed on demand, as well as statistical analysis of events on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, according to customer preferences.

Reduced Crime through Active Monitoring

While observing selected areas, our ability to make live, real-time announcements greatly reduces the likelihood of loitering, vandalism, and theft in those areas.

Live voice/video announcements alert the public-at-large that camera systems are effectively monitoring the landscape. While incredibly powerful and effective, these announcements are intended to convey a friendly tone and ensure the public-at-large that the property has real-time security. For example: “Good morning. This is a security monitoring routine on Thursday at 3:32 pm. Have a great day!”



event monitoring
through our NOC

Security and monitoring of designated areas around buildings, public spaces, common areas, specified areas of interest, exit-entry points, etc.

Proactive event monitoring automated with AIoT technology

React to security incidents with live real-time “voice down” intervention

Direct escalation to local security or law enforcement

On-demand, daily/weekly/monthly incident report .