Smart Biosecurity


AIoT solutions for food safety, healthcare, and transportation


Cleaner assets, using effective and renewable resources to accelerate the oxidization and neutralization of pathogens, and then decompose without any chemical residue


Advanced self-sufficient AI robotics that uses microdoses of commercially electron ionized air and high-energy radiation to decontaminate while continually sensing the environment to accelerate the process


Biosecurity cannot afford to take a break because of poor or inadequate IoT connectivity – deploy 4G-based connectivity today and prepare for 5G and beyond

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Our Solution

We’ve brought the science of commercial disinfection into the 21st century by combining AI and IoT and powerful edge compute technology.

  1. Inactivates pathogens – bacteria, endospores, viruses, fungi, spores, and microbes
  2. Works on hidden surfaces and inside crevices and porous materials
  3. Logs the exact disinfectant dose given the outcome, and learns
  4. Uses renewable resources – air and electricity
  5. No run-off, no harsh chemicals, no harmful impact for the environment

Read how AIoT is our secret sauce and then schedule a site survey using your own samples.

O3D2 is a self-sufficient Artificial Intelligence robot that decontaminates using FDA-approved ozone and high-energy ultraviolet light (UVC), based on continuous readings from environmental sensors.

The AI delivers carefully-timed microdoses to avoid damaging assets.

You’ll Find O3D2 In…

  • Mitigation and control of foodborne pathogens, especially Listeria, Salmonella, E. coli, Clostridium and Cyclospora
  • Reduction of chemical traces in plant and post-harvest processes
  • Safely recondition and recycle water used in processes
  • Inhibit microbial growth during transport

E.g. #1 eliminating mold and yeast from carrots, broccoli and cabbages

E.g. #2 removing Listeria from water used in chicken processing plants

E.g. #3 inactivating Salmonella from the surfaces of incubated chicken eggs

Learn how O3D2 uses AI help with food safety in the following areas:

  • EMS vehicle tests show 99.999% of pathogenic organisms destroyed in one minute with no chemical residue
  • Disinfection to minimize horizontal infection transmission between patients
  • Decontamination effectiveness of ozone exceeds many chemical-based methods
  • Rapid recovery minimizes down-time of the vehicle

E.g. #1 destroying meningococcal bacteria, SARS-CoV-2, as well as P. aeruginosa, S. maltophilia, Staphylococcus, and E. coli on ambulance interior surfaces

E.g. #2 killing pathogens on shared equipment in the vehicle

Learn how O3D2 is keeping EMS staff and patients safe from HCAIs

Or how it is being used to create low temperature autoclaves for non-medical applications involving porous objects that are not heat or moisture tolerant.

  • Minimize horizontal infection transmission between passengers
  • Eliminate pathogens from surfaces that hard to reach with chemicals and sprays
  • Minimize vehicle down-time with cleaning cycle optimization lasting a few minutes
  • Log cleaning cycle times and places for regulatory compliance
  • Target many pathogens including Influenza, common cold, mycobacterium tuberculosis and viral meningitis

E.g. #1, neutralizing group A streptococcus bacteria (strep throat) from seating

E.g. #2, destroying the common cold virus from plastic and metal interior surfaces

Learn about how O3D2 is keeping citizens safe on public transportation

Learn how O3D2 is keeping children safe on school buses

How it Works

How it Works

Sensors & Cameras
Connect existing cameras or new cameras to our edge compute device to automatically analyze video and IoT data. We provide a 200-plus IoT sensor catalog for you to monitor the health and safety of your environments.

Our solutions include 4G LTE / 5G connectivity to connect all devices into a single platform - plus easily manage, monitor and scale all AIoT solutions.

Deep learning-based AI and IoT data is being processed at the edge in a single end-to-end platform.

IoT and AI Analytics
Connect your existing or new cameras to our edge compute device to start gathering highly accurate AI video analytics for real-time alerts and insights.

Uses AI and analytical tools to predict outcomes and trends. The platform allows you to create and change the rules to set up alerts and notifications. It is also, compatible with 3rd party AI and sensors for best-of-breed solutions

Customer-facing platform to provide the end user with real-time alerts, video monitoring and data visualization. The platform is fully containerized to allow for deployment at the edge, on-premise or in the cloud.



Combined AI and IoT for faster and cleaner outcomes

Connected AIoT Intelligence

We replace brute-force chemical disinfectants with the latest AI and IoT combined with powerful edge compute technology


We destroy pathogens – bacteria, viruses, fungi, spores, and microbes

Renewable Resources

We only use renewable resources – air and electricity

No Chemical Run-Off

Our decontamination methods leave no harmful impact on the environment, just plain oxygen