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The promise
of AI + IoT + Connectivity. Delivered.

Cutting-Edge, AI-Enabled IoT for Safer, Smarter, more Connected Communities.

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Safer, Smarter, Connected Communities as a Service (SCaaS™), powered by our innovative platform, builds next-gen solutions quickly and efficiently to meet tomorrow’s challenges.

Real outcomes.
Real business decisions.
The promise of AI-Enabled IoT realized today.


Increase efficiency and responsiveness - even detect security threats in real-time and thwart security threats before they happen.



Gain real-time insights on your Community and create smart environments. Learn how your data can create sustainable change.



Expand the digital world to your local government, citizens, and businesses and prepare for 5G and beyond.


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IntelliSiteSCaaS Benefits

Turnkey end-to-end solution

From design, to procurement, and installation. Data ingestion, enrichment, analytics. Solution management and remote guarding. From proposal to deployment in as fast as 12 weeks.

Predictable costs

We make smart communities more affordable. Lower CapEx, solution components cost. Now any cities and municipalities can have access to smart Community solutions with affordable monthly payments.

Bundled Solution: AI + IoT + Connectivity

Combine over 140+ types of wireless sensors with state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. This powerful blend enables intelligent and connected systems to become predictive in nature; capable of self-healing and self corrective actions.

SCaaS Project Timeline

Why IntelliSite?

IntelliSite’s powerful solution delivers on the promise of AI + IoT.

Our Solution collects, moves, and analyzes data at the edge. Using AI to tell the story of your data so you can make intelligent, strategic decisions in real-time. Our Service brings it all together for you, on budget and on time.

The most complete solution.

Your Data Tells a Story

We visualize your data, so you understand what’s happening - in real time.

Manage all the data coming from cameras and IoT devices in a single place: DeepInsights, a centralized administration software dashboard. Real intelligence. Real control.

Device fleet management
(cameras, IoT sensors, compute devices)

Real time off-the-shelf and
customizable dashboard visualizations

Create alerts, notifications and customize
output events (via email, SMS, others)

Integration with 3rd party software
(VMS, Data Intelligence tools, others)

Multi tenancy. Support multiple
customer hierarchy levels

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