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Edge IoT, AI Based Analytics
+ Connectivity Solutions

Make Every day

Say goodbye to legacy false alarms, video walls, and decrease physical security by bringing real-time AI intelligence + IoT to work for you.

Make Smarter

Leave intuition and non-objective decisions behind. Make intelligent, data-driven decisions by collecting and analyzing data in real-time.

Power Up Your

Our solutions include easily managing, monitoring and scaling AIoT, while providing 4G LTE/5G connectivity to all devices within a single platform.

Your Data
Tells a Story

DeepInsights™ gives you an open AIoT platform, packed with out-of-the-box AI, IoT sensors and cameras, plus the freedom to add your own as your needs change because it is device agnostic.



Make intelligent, data-driven decisions by collecting and analyzing data in real-time, while it’s still useful and relevant.

End-to-End Solution

Everything you need from cameras, IoT sensors, and edge, cloud or MEC compute to the dashboards and reports you will use every day.


Combine 4G/5G connectivity with IoT sensors and cutting-edge AI to predict, notify and constantly learn.

Predictable Costs

Recurring monthly plans to help communities and businesses achieve
their goals of being Safer and Smarter.

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Artificial Intelligence and IoT – Setting Infrastructure for the Future

Understanding the Pros, Cons, and Differences Among AI, IoT, and Machine Learning.

Have you heard the term AI? How about IoT? They are increasingly becoming crucial factors in our communities’ progress and development.

Here, you will learn the meanings and nuances of these different terms and why their application is so critical going forward.